Nico Ali Walsh, a rising star of the United States

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It immediately became the eye of the fist industry for Nico Ali Walsh, a rising star of the United States, many of the real men of legendary boxing legend Muhammad Ali. World Heavyweight Championship the ring in professional ufabet boxing for the first time

The 21-year-old fist impresses in the footsteps of his late grandfather. Back in the ring, the Hard Rock Hotel, Tulsa against Jordan Weekes boxers aged 29 years experience superior (4 wins 1 loss) in the range middleweight West

Despite the game being punched ends only. Only the first round when Nico Ali Walsh Ali stepped out of the footwork. Trap released a right hook into a full chin sent Jordan Weeks dropped down to the referee count 8 before the opponent will grit his teeth and stand up to fight,

then Niko Ali does not let the golden opportunity walk next to release a heavy punch. play as a set Causing the referee to decide to end the fight after seeing that the opponent could not fight Win a debut fight in just 70 seconds.

After the punch, the US rising star opened up: “It was an emotional journey. All of this was in line with my expectations and of course my Grandfather, I miss him so much.”