Vestergaard delight with the Leicester City shirt

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Yannick Vestergaard the new Danish defender of “Fox Siam” Leicester City is delight with the initial field down to Leicester City for his first game in the Premier League opening match of the season at the King Power Stadium.

In that game, Jamie Vardy scored a 1-0 victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers. While Vestergaard is send down as a backup in the last half hour. While leicester Must fall into the defense during the end of the ufabet game

“I don’t think I will be playing this much. But I’m happy to be on the pitch. and be part of the team got to know everyone Familiarize yourself with the King Power Stadium, we won. and had to go down to defend a little at the end We have prevented many important moments. It was a very good start to the season.”

“In the first half we played well. and deserves to lead In the second half Wolverhampton It opens the game offensive pressure on us hard. We had a few counter-attacks that could close the game. but we can’t And we have to play defensively to the fullest.”

“We defended very well. It shows the need for victory. And everyone is making sacrifices for the team which I think is a very good thing.”

“This is the first game I’ve played in just two days after joining, it’s an initial success for me with the team,” the Leicester City defender said.