Shearer: Legends won’t help Solskjaer if it sucks

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Alan Shearer : ‘Legends’ won’t help Solskjaer if it sucks. Former England striker Alan Shearer has pointed out that his legacy as a player will not help Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remain as Manchester United manager if his performances are poor.

         The 0-5 defeat to Liverpool in the latest league game has put a lot of pressure on the Norwegian, with Shearer pointing out that as a club legend he may be given more chances than others. But if it is still like this, it will not survive.

         “What you might get as a former player in charge of your club is two or three more games or more chances than anyone else might have,” Shearer told Ke Golaso.

         “But other than that, it’s simple. The rules have not changed for the club’s great past. You get on the pitch and get results and win trophies.”

         “When it doesn’t happen You know as a player or a manager or both that you are under pressure if it doesn’t work.

         “The rules of football are simple: win the game, grab the trophy and you keep working. If not, then you have to go.”

         “If you don’t like You shouldn’t be a football manager, that’s the rule, it doesn’t change with anyone.