Open the salary of Messi after joining PSG

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Open the salary of Messi after joining PSG in Ligue 1, Lionel Messi moving to the Paris Saint-Germain team The billionaire team of Ligue 1, France’s Lionel Messi. The Argentine national team striker. It has become a deal that has been talk about a lot in the football world.

The reason is because it is consider a 21-year termination of football. With Barcelona, former La Liga club. After being refer to the team since the age of 13 before stepping up to the first team in 2003.

In addition, another One thing that makes many parties to watch is the matter of wages. That will be refer to as being report. The 34-year-old midfielder will receive the salary of Messi at the new club of around 35 million euros per year after taxes (about 1,360 million baht).

Another breakdown is that it will fall 729,000 euros per week (about 28 million baht) or 104,000 euros per day (about 4 million baht) or 8,680 euros per hour (about 3.3 hundred thousand baht) or 144.68 euros per minute (about 5,600 baht) and 2.41 euros per second (about 94 baht)

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner immediately became the club’s highest-paid player, surpassing Brazil striker Neymar. Received at 31 million euros per year (1.2 billion baht) and Kylian Mbappe , the French national team striker. Received at 18 million euros per year (about 700 million baht),

however, the number of wages that Lionel Messi received with PSG at 35 million euros per year is still consider a reduction of 50 Percentage from the time he played with Barcelona, ​​the former club that used to receive about 71 million euros per year (about 2,774 million baht).