Messi and Ramos show off! PSG in two straight shots to beat Strasbourg

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Messi and Ramos show off! PSG in two straight shots to beat Strasbourg

Lionel Messi leads the red star army including Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma show up in front of Paris Saint-Germain fans to beaten Strasbourg. The remaining 10 went 4-2 with six points from two matches, temporarily holding the top of the crowd. In the French Ligue 1 football match on Saturday night, August 14 at the past.

 French Ligue 1 football battle on Saturday night, August 14 at Paris Saint-Germain. Starting the league three points this match, Lionel Messi comes to debut in front of the fans with new players. Including Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma and two of the first players in this game, “Hakimi-Wijnaldum”. With the blue and white star sitting before his team-mates, Mauricio Pochettino trusting “Icardi-Mbappe” to welcome Stra Strasbourg. Who started with a defeat, Julian Stefan arranged “Ajorque-Cameiro” to fight for the first win. Just the first three minutes, Paris led 1-0, Abdu Diallo put the ball on the left side of the line. The ball flew into Mauro Icardi’s head, ran and jump to check the distance of 7 yards. The ball tuck into the bottom of the net. Offline check line referee before confirming the local score 

     Ten minutes later, Abdu Diallo opened the ball into the penalty area. The ball bounced to Ashraf Hakimi, slammed into the water, blocked the visiting team on the right. 

     The defenders fled 2-0 in the 24th minute, Ander Herrera poked the ball out of Strasbourg football. The ball rolled into the feet of Kylian Mbappe dragged into the penalty area on the left. Rocking to find a corner shot to ricochet Ludovik Ajorg changing the way to tuck the net of his own team.

Two minutes later, Eric Dina flows the ball short, Kylian Mbappe tricking the away defense line. Before hitting the ball bouncing to the other side of the second pillar on the right and it’s Julian Draxler waiting to charge it. The home team added more scores before the end of the first half with a 3-0 lead. 

     In the second half in the 48th minute, Julian Draxler dropped the side of the tail for Kylian Mbappe to pull the visiting team to the left. Before shooting in the penalty area in the arm of Matz Cells, Mr. Dan Strasbourg. 

     The visiting team hit the egg 1-3, Adrien Tomasson dropped the ball in front of the box on the right, Kevin Gameiro inserted between the PSG defense line to flick the ball past Keylor Navas minutes. at 53

     In the 62nd minute, Kylian Mbappe passes the ball to bounce with Julian Draxler until the chicken badge has a chance to score a goal. But see the visiting team’s outpost showing tough again