Liverpool players Ratting for the opening match of the season

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Liverpool players Ratting for the opening match of the season Liverpool kick off the English Premier League 2021/22 season beautifully. After breaking through to beat Norwich City 3-0 on Saturday night ago. Although it is not yet the day when Jurgen Klopp’s men have played a great game. 

But it was enough to easily take three points home. which of course In this game. The most outstanding person is Mohamed Salah who was directly involve in all three goals. And here are the test results of each Liverpool player in this match.    

Liverpool players Ratting

– Alisson Becker : 7.5   Overall, the job may not be very difficult. But in the middle of the first half there is a show to save the shot of Teemu Pookie. And at the end of the second half there is a save shot of the local players. Which is an impressive game for the Samba blood goalkeeper. 

– Trent Alexander-Arnold : 7
  without assists but was the one who opened the ball into the middle when the team got the goal up to 1-0. The rest is considered okay both offensively and defensively.

 – Joel Matip : 7.5
  Considered a good game. Help the game get strong. Plus, in the first half there was a rhythm that almost scored a goal. (Shoot to block)

 – Virgil van Dijk : 7  
  form is not at the same level. But overall, it is consider to control the game well. Although there are some loose at times and very satisfying is that the person’s physical condition looks perfect. 

 – Costas Simikas : 6.5
  Actually, the offensive game works. In the second half, there was a chance to shoot in a thrilling way. But the defensive game is not ok, there is a rhythm that Milos Rachisa swayed to the head Plus the middle of the second half has a blur. until the opponent snatched the ball to win the goal Still, there were some moments that did well. It was a good and bad game for the 25-year-old Greek full-back. 

– James Milner : 7,
  although there are some moments that are easy to lose the ball. and slow with age But it helps to fight the ball in the middle field well. Plus a hundred dedication 

– Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain : 6.5
  Early in the game But then gradually disappeared before being substitute in the second half. 

 – Naby Keita : 7 
  Not very good at moving the ball forward. But did a great job in the fight. Because this game is refer to as a tackle record of 6 wins, which is the most above everyone on the field.